Views and Reviews of the Peshawar Museum
  • Views and Reviews of the Peshawar Museum

Views and Reviews of the Peshawar Museum

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This book ensues and conveys a fair and faithful review of the Peshawar Museum first through the views and reviews of those who have seen it and recorded their remarks on its different features and then this book goes through the illustrations of photographic reproductions of its exhibits and then the author himself expresses his own feelings which is based on his hand on experience of History and association with the institution. The book is authored by S. M. Jaffar in 1960s and its first edition was published in 1969. Now in 2018 a team composed of two members i.e. Mr. Ahmad Salim and Muhammad Zia-ud-Din at Gandhara Hindko Academy edited the book and published it again. The book consists 87 pages its price is Rs. 300/- (10 $).